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Homesake offer variety of gifts range. Since, we are more renowned for our hand crafted home accents, our range of country styled gifts is designed so as  to dedicate a traditional country  feel to the recipient's pad. Our best selling country style gifts include wooden bowls and dips. Though wooden bowls are not a regular gift item, but that is what Homesake is good at. We present before you that products that are truly unique and look really refreshing when given to someone as a gift item.The highlight of our collection is the wooden photo frame. It is made out of animal bones (once they are dead, naturally), then beautifully arranged after treatment. They look elegant and form magnificent gifting pieces. They look totally natural, beautiful, and even though photo frames are common as gifts, our wooden photo frames would still stand out among the other gift items. For those who have great love for dining accessories, we have introduced coasters in our collection. If you are looking for some great gift idea for your host, here you go. Our wood-bead square coasters are distinct, yet fashionable gifting items. We have more plenty of other things to offer. Just have a look! Homesake prides itself on  bringing you all such brilliant items in a perfect collection that enables you to select favourite country styled gift item, ideal for any occasion.